Mute Man – TLT #8

He’s a great observationalist who tells stories during his voyages – painted tales of nature that are untouched by time and the truths that go unnoticed in commoners life – all through his music.

When he rests his chin on the fiddle and starts moving the bow over the strings of his violin, the music emerging from the instrument as a result of friction is one of those things that we can’t see but still feel the heavenly touch.

violin three line story - mute man

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Smart Art – TLT #7

Don’t get me wrong for standing without the basic protective gear, masks and gloves, because it’s 2050 and not 2020.

My friend is a designer with the hobby wall-painting and I’m a technologist waiting for him to come down so that we can together go to the playground.

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Yin Yang – TLT #6

“There’s a Turkish proverb, ‘If the world flooded, it wouldn’t matter to the ducks’, meaning things that are bad for you need not necessarily be bad for others.

But here, the thing that is good for you, the very essential bath, is directly impacting my health and senses, esp. the nasal that can’t bear your sweat stench, and my skin getting soaked in your creamy lather.

Being the leader of this flock, I’d Continue reading