Surreal Visage

To live, I’ve broken through the surface of a stone. The stone is me, the rigid part of my own self. I destroyed a self to create a self, more like a sculpture.

I let every colored feeling pile on me, flowing together as a thick black liquid. I enjoy this state, for it is like a mould of stoical repose.

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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect implies a huge effect being produced as a result of every small action. But, don’t we also create dire consequences by failing to take strong decisions at times? The following is a micro poem penned with this thought. 

Wings' softness, easy flight!
With each decision, colours spread.
With each indecision, colours piled.
Wings flapped, now with added tenacity!
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Inspired by Bulbuls ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday’ prompt – butterfly effect.

Hereon, for at least a month, I’ll be publishing two posts a day – one at 12:01 AM and the other at 12:01 PM IST.

Black Mystery

This is a response post to this week’s expression challenge by iScriblr. The topic given is ‘Mystery’, and what strikes me on spotting this is ‘Black’.


The black clouds make the blue sky even more beautiful.

There are crowds of people who love ‘black’ breezy nights than days with bright sunshine.

Black is more than just a color

For those who see through it, Black is class; Black is power.
For those who don’t, it is inauspicious and a symbol of fear.

Such people relate anything and everything unexplored to black – say, black holes or haunted homes. Why? Maybe because it stands out of what’s visible to our eyes. Continue reading