The view is always better from distance. When you get closer, you don’t get the perfect looks. You get to see the flaws. More of them, actually!

So are our relationships. It always appears pleasant from a distance. Only when you commit, you feel the real vibe. You might find pleasure, reflections, and even stuff you don’t like.

As a generic instance, let us consider the marvels of nature.

We don’t say that the mighty mountains might have looked better had they been steeper. We don’t judge the Continue reading

Loosen Up, Lighten Up!

Nov 14th of the Fun Calendar is marked “Loosen Up – Lighten Up” Day. Sounds Rhyming! Let me just call this as LuLu Day in short. What’s special about this day?

Almost everyday of our lives keeps on moving normal. We too knowingly or unknowingly become a part of the rat race crowd. And so this day emphasizes to Have A Break. It doesn’t mean you have to get off your shoes of responsibility to celebrate.

Just take this day as an offer to look at the regular happenings around you in a new perspective. De-stress yourself. If you are ignored or feel that you couldn’t complete a task within the deadline, just let it go. As people say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, That one sign of grief or anger on your beautiful face Continue reading