Climatology For Life*

It was an interesting class on Geography today. The discussion on climatology gave a beautiful lesson. “Climate is what you expect, and Weather is what you get.” – Mark Twain Weather on  a specific day becomes unpredictable even with a historical report on long-term climate. You might have made a perfect analysis for a plan. But…

Mantra to Avoid Distractions

When your Heart throbs for those ‘appalling’ something which might be an annoyance at present, keep in mind these magic words for more productivity. I Love You, But I Can’t Give You My Focus Right Now. This surely helps if you are working towards a more focused goal, or when you are changing your regular…

Start Realizing..

We All Have Two Lives. The Second One Starts When We Realize That We Only Have One.

Power of Forgiving

You realize you are emotionally stable.. When you had to Forgive someone who wasn’t even Sorry for. That’s the Robustness of your Heart!

Sign Of Creativity

This is one of my favorite reads, on the strange facet of artistic people. We are Responsibly Irresponsible!!

Live Life

True Strength often rises at our Weak Point.. Learn to TRUST your journey even when you don’t understand it! GO FLY RACE ROAM TRAVEL VOYAGE JOURNEY EXPLORE DISCOVER ADVENTURE LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST !  

For Special People..

Unfortunately you can’t force someone to feel the same way you feel about them ♥