I’m Committed!

When people enquire about my busyness and the response comes out to be ‘I’m engaged or committed with something or somebody’, why can’t they just let it be? In awe, the follow-up is usually, ‘Why haven’t you told me yet?’. I mean, why should we announce if it’s just another part of our normal lives? Won’t you get to know if you’re meant to know?

How come the words ‘committed’ or ‘engaged’, in a multitude of minds, just associate themselves with romantic relationships alone? Can’t someone be committed to their family that requires special attention, their dreams that require extra efforts, just those regular chores that happen to be unusually long, or some self care practices that require more energy?

I strongly believe that commitment develops depths of emotions and understanding, be it in a hobby, a goal or a relationship. But, I don’t understand why this personal responsibility often gets mixed up with societal expectations.

21 thoughts on “I’m Committed!

  1. After a very long time, it’s not a poem(with extremely tough vocabulary) but a thought we all can relate with. I loved the part where you said, you’ll know if you’re meant to.

    And you know it’s really funny, when some random person be like, “Hawwwwwww, how come I did not know about it” and then in our minds we are like, you’d know if you were important. Period.

    Loved, loved your thoughts. 🤍
    Bring more of such, it would be so nice to know you and how you think.

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    • Haha! I guess I must be cautious of my vocabulary henceforth. I’ve been used to using thesaurus since school days and am really fond of word-varieties.

      I get you, Rashmi. It’s irritable at times to answer such questions. I’m glad you loved this thought. And yeah, I’ll share more of mine in the coming days. 💙

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