Sounds of Silence

They say silence is a source of great strength; so can it be for weakness. When words are replaced with silence, not always does it remain pleasant and comfortable. Sometimes, it haunts with loud shudders of the heart. Yeah, silence has a real sound that is capable of turning truths into lies and projecting illusions as realities. It’s exhausting to the core.

There’s work throughout the day and not enough sleep at night. There are words swallowed and peace slain. The deepest feelings begin to unnerve. Why am I enervated? Is it because of the draining days and sleepless nights? Am I following a dream I didn’t choose to? Am I missing something that I can’t hold? Am I fleeing from my own thoughts? Is what I am running from, the one that I should be running towards? The answers are truly blurred.

There are people around with whom I cannot talk to nor could be silent with. Isn’t that paradoxical? It’s not that we’re growing apart. We’re just growing up, simultaneously, at different places, but more or less in similar phases.

It dawns at dawn that this exhaustion is not a result of too much time spent on something, but of being aware that in its spot, no time is spent on something else. Missing anything, everything and everyone doesn’t feel so good. When this breach is healed, can words be understood had these awfully weird sounds of silence remained unheard?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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