Kill the Honour

Is it not time we kill those man-made social constructs like religion, race, caste, and class in which humans still hide their inexistent honour? Emphasizing this thought, this free verse is written with six words in each line, and a six-word story is quoted at the end.

Disparaging sanity of love, honour glows. 
The crushed dreams fuel its fire. 
Right to live becomes a question, 
When honour kills the humane identity. 

When last breaths tear apart hearts, 
Emotions trample under sweat and blood. 

As souls soar higher and farther, 
Man-made social constructs define new-fashioned honour. 

Too late is way too late! 
Doesn't honour lie in honouring humanity?
Credits & Footnote

In response to Shweta’s ‘6WSP #84’ – ‘Honour’.

24 thoughts on “Kill the Honour

  1. Wonderful…. That is seriously a fabulous take … Each line of the poetry had that 6wsp and it ended with a piece of 6 word line….and that too with a great message… You are talented.. Following you

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