Rain Clouds

Rain clouds - WDYS

Because I could not stop for death, 

He stopped before me

Choosing the dark dock 

In a deep valley 

Amidst the lofty mountains 

And started pouring out his anguish 

By crying out tears

Until the sun shone again!

The line Because I could not stop for death” is the first line of a poem by Emily Dickinson. Here, I’ve used it to denote the inevitability of nature’s wrath.

The time of death’s arrival is an uncertain happening; So is the nature of natural disasters. In the above verse, the burst of rain clouds is personified as death, and the idea is inspired by the recent Yaas cyclone that hit India.

Credits & Footnote

Inspired by Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #83’. 

Featured Image: Photo by Sadje

28 thoughts on “Rain Clouds

    • Thank you, Puzzled Mind! Most often, I guess mind is refusing to get out of stereotypes. That’s what made me compare the darkness with death. I’m glad that you enjoyed this metaphor.

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    • I’m impressed that you identified her words right at the first line. Indeed, the theme is entirely different. Happy to know you enjoyed the message conveyed! Thank you, Rashmi.

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  1. Beautifully ended it positively. Love your take on the prompt Anisha. You started it with Emily’s poem which is a challenge and you completed it wonderfully.
    However, death, for me, is certain. As its a cycle which the planet follows. The factor ‘Time’ is uncertain. Everyone perceives it differently.
    Hope is in the strokes of light which enhance the beauty of dark.

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    • I often prefer to have light-hearted endings. I’m happy that you liked it too. It’s been long reading that poem, but I somehow recalled only the first line and lucky that the follow-up turned well too.

      I just re-read my description part. I meant to say the time of death’s arrival is uncertain, and not that death is uncertain. I failed to express it clearly. I too believe in the certainty of death. Thank you for pointing it out. I’ll make the change soon.

      I agree with your view on hope. I too conceive, only those who can see light through darkness believe in its beauty. For a few days now, I’ve been noticing a lot of commonalities in our thoughts. 🙂

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