Rain Clouds

Rain clouds - WDYS

Because I could not stop for death, 

He stopped before me

Choosing the dark dock 

In a deep valley 

Amidst the lofty mountains 

And started pouring out his anguish 

By crying out tears

Until the sun shone again!

The line Because I could not stop for death” is the first line of a poem by Emily Dickinson. Here, I’ve used it to denote the inevitability of nature’s wrath.

The time of death’s arrival is an uncertain happening; So is the nature of natural disasters. In the above verse, the burst of rain clouds is personified as death, and the idea is inspired by the recent Yaas cyclone that hit India.

Credits & Footnote

Inspired by Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #83’. 

Featured Image: Photo by Sadje

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