Monolith’s Mind

Hey visitor!

Let me clear my own mystery, sharing my story with you.

I was once a giant guard designed to fly. While I rested, the enemy of my territory casted a freeze curse immobilizing our complete clan. As days passed, the frozen mankind, all their materialistic lifestyle and even the cursed enemy passed away.

But, I stay grounded with no escapade even in this open desert. Then on, I remain seated decoding the meaning of mankind for centuries and centuries.

Unable to hold all your secrets, I’ve passed a few to the flying wind. In addition to knowing what’s in my head, the treacherous wind also eats up my head whenever it visits, literally! I guess you now know the reason behind the small size of my head.

Why lion and woman, you ask? Yeah, you thought that in your mind. Seeing humans evolve for thousands of years, my stony eyes can read all sorts of expressions.

Let me clarify. I’m a hybrid designed to be admired for strength by my beloved master. I have (Should it be had? Never mind!) the physical strength of a lion and emotional strength of a woman.

I tell this to every moving stranger, but no one responds. You see, my mouth is closed! I guess I’ll cease my existence only being a mystifying majestic monolith!

Senile, Sphinx


Inspired by Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #80’. 

Featured Image: Photo by Alka Jha on Unsplash

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