To my left is an open window. Caged in, I let my memories wander.

Night life rushes to the front. When it’s night, why’s there light? Staring through the window at the beauty of the moon, I’ve had sleepless nights with music by my side; Lights from roads have haunted me resulting in recurrent dreams for more than a fortnight.

When it’s bright, all I see are members of the animal kingdom – the chirping birds that pluck out plants from the hanging pots; a cow that chased when I carried a heavy school bag; squirrels that get around the climber and disturb my nap by cracking open walnut shells over the compound walls; a distant well surrounded by coconut and toddy palms – a comfortable resting place of woodpeckers and Baya weavers.

I remember shutting the window on seeing a frightening Indian cobra standing at its full height, maybe at a distance of two feet, as an unwelcomed guest.

Why aren’t there any humans in my window sight? Do I live in a fantasy world or am I just another solitudinarian?

Inspired by Linda’sSoCS Prompt.

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11 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Indian cobra standing 🤔 hmm, could be a fantasy. I once saw a Cobra standing on a gate at its full height and it fell down, I turned white.😳. I told this and people said cobra don’t have legs.😐. What do I have to say? 😂. Lovely poem Anisha…. 💖 Have a lovely weekend 🥳🤗Stay Safe, take care.

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    • I still remember the image in my mind. It was so huge that it looked terrible at the first sight. Haha… weird people! We can easily laugh until it happens to us.

      Thank you Simon. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. 🙂 Great weekend to you too!

      Are you heading home before the lockdown?


      • Yes, I understand that scary moment when something like that stands 😳. People don’t believe until it happens to them.😂.

        I’m home 🙂 sadly not in my native place, but in the city with all my families around.😀.

        Hope you are home, Stay Safe! Take care of your loved ones✨🤗Have a lovely Sunday 💖

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