Again and Again

She waited one long year, only to fail; again.

Healing those bruises, she geared up with willingness to try; again.


Inspired by Bulbuls ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday’ prompt – hope.

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  1. vaniheart says:

    Story of my life ❤❤

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    1. I remember reading this somewhere… Hold On Pain Ends. I wish you success in your upcoming endeavors, Shivani! ❤

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  2. akshita1776 says:

    And that’s what we ought to do!! Try till we make it.
    Well framed!

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    1. I’m glad we think alike. Trying is a great test to patience.

      Thanks, Akshita!


  3. How motivating. I really liked it. So precisely a deep meaning is engraved in this.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rashmi. I agree it’s rather deep as trying things repeatedly is easier said than done.

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  4. Deb says:

    Inspirational, just like the story of Robert Bruce and the spider 🙂

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    1. Thank you, sir!
      Wow! Now, that’s a perfect analogy. I’ve long forgotten this story. Thank you for reminding. (:


  5. HappySoul says:

    Loved it! That’s the way! You’ve placed the words so well Anisha ..

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    1. Indeed… Trying with hope is a heavy feeling to carry. But, that’s what makes one’s personality more stronger too. I’m glad we agree on this thought. Thank you, Happy Soul!


  6. Sometimes waiting makes things harder

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    1. Yeah, that’s so true. But still, we choose to wait only as it is worth the effort.

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  7. Kritika says:

    A warrior she became. 🙂 Lovely write.


  8. Ishita Gupta says:

    This is marvellous!


  9. Sadje says:

    This is resolve.


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