Cold Comfort

spewing molten lava

quiet volcano erupts

presents cold comfort

What else can be cold comfort at an island that has witnessed and recorded more than 50,000 earthquakes, but still trying hands at fun science experiments like cooking hotdogs and eggs in lava?

This is based on a recent newspaper article that discussed people cooking on the molten lava of Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland. A few have had a successful attempt whereas others have damaged the pans. 

A man eats a hot dog at the volcanic site on the Reykjanes Peninsula following the recent eruption in Iceland.


People have different sets of opinions to share – a few are concerned about the potentially harmful elements in the cooked food while a few others couldn’t help wonder at the fun science experiment with a really scary and disastrous natural phenomenon. 

Inspired by  Ronovan’s ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #351′ – comfort and erupt.


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