Academic Integrity

I have my own moral principles, and one of them is not to copy in an exam, or do any sort of plagiarism. Whether it’s a class test, term test, an assignment or finals doesn’t matter to me.

I’m someone in the top strata performers. I listen to lectures diligently. When there was a surprise test a few weeks before the finals, I failed at school. I didn’t regret it because I knew I deserved it for my preparation level. There have also been times when I’ve stood alone at college for non-submission of assignments. This made me lose marks in the internals. However, I’ve been happy for not choosing to compromise on my value.

I was tampering with this value – my academic integrity – in other means somehow, under the guise of being good. Little did I realize it until I got punished for being good.

I’ve been taken to the principal in school and Head of the Department in college for making notes. You got to believe this. I complete most of the math problems or programming assignments for the next day, just at home the previous day so that I can take some rest from continuous writing in the class (I’m a slow writer). During breaks, my note circulates around my class and sometimes even goes to the next classroom without my knowledge, and from there straight to the staff cabin. My bad!

You might argue that I was spoiling my friends by providing my notes. Indeed, I was. But the people who demand must also have that feeling and reason themselves before involving in such activities. Getting back, with punishment, I stopped the pass-game and managed to seal the hole in my value system.

As a SoCS post, I don’t really get where this is heading to. So, let me conclude. I’ve lied to myself at times in ways that don’t pose threats to anyone but me (unavoidable self-deception, sadly). My self-honesty can be questioned but not my integrity. I have never again vandalized my integrity consciously, esp. with academics.

Do you think one’s academic integrity plays a role, small or big, in one’s development as a responsible human? Or, do you think I’ve missed the little joys of schooling by not indulging those deemed-to-be-fashionable activities?

This late post is inspired by the ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt’ by Linda G. HillThe challenge is to exhibit conscious writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on the content. The SOCS prompt for this week is to find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.”

#SoCS Badge

#SoCS Badge

I tried to integrate the word ‘honesty’ into my writing to adhere to the prompt but somehow it went totally with integrity. Considering both as closely knitted values, I guess that’s okay.

22 thoughts on “Academic Integrity

  1. I’ve always done decently well academically – but I have also indulged in cheating during exams and copying assignments. Having said that cheating can’t be done in the exams that really matter – the board exams in India, engineering entrances, MBA entrances – and I’ve done decently well in those too. So I don’t think it really matters mainly because India’s education system is flawed. Rote learning is the basis of our education instead of practical application – hence these school/colleges internal exams have no meaning. On the contrary – passing notes, copying each other’s assignments, helping each other in exams – helped me bond with a lot of people and helped me make a lot of fun memories. 😊

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    • Thank you for sharing your view, HP! I see what you’re saying, but we’re on slightly different terms here. I agree that the system is not flexible and those internal marks hold no meaning. From my experience, it was hurting back then to see my peers getting equivalent or even more marks than me with zero efforts on their part. Maybe I’ve missed to perceive this as fun. But, I bonded and made memories too with other activities at school. 🙂 Either way, it’s not that particular incident which determines our life. We all recognize and adapt suitable values at some point. For me, it was at school. I agree there are multitude who maintain integrity at a stage beyond schooling. No hard feelings! Have a great day, HP! ❤


  2. KK says:

    I salute your honesty and integrity. This needs courage and self belief as well. I remember despite being a good student, once I failed in maths in the first quarterly examination, but from then onward I made it a point to excel in maths, and finally, I got the highest marks in maths only. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks a lot for your kind feedback, sir. Your experience at school makes me rewind again. I have a similar one too. I came last in the first revision examination held for toppers before the board exam. At the end of the series, after about two months, I improvised consistently and turned out to top the list considering the average marks. Thank you for sharing. I adore your qualities. 🙂

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      • KK says:

        That’s why I could relate very well. I had similar experiences, and you know, even now, memories of such things give good feelings. Your story is quite inspiring. Thanks for your kind words and beautiful reflections. Stay blessed 😊

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  3. Since you asked, I think we all learn from our mistakes. The question is, what do you consider a mistake? For you, the mistake was not being as self-aware of your actions as you’d hoped. For another, the mistake might be just having got caught. And therein lies the basis of integrity that will guide you in life after school.
    Integrity is one of those things that must begin within oneself before it can be extended to our fellow humans. Keep at it, and you will be a trusted and admired friend. 🙂 School is just a blip in time. Your core values have to start somewhere; why now here?
    Wonderful, thought-provoking post. Thanks for joining in! 😀

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    • That’s a deep analysis on the thought, Mam. We all make mistakes and learn from them. I still wish I’ve made them sooner and realized them more at an earlier stage of life. But, our lives aren’t designed to move at the same pace. I completely agree with your view that core values begin within oneself at some point of time. It’s not just school.

      It’s a pleasure writing for the prompt. Thank you very much for an insightful feedback. 🙂

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  4. I am also like this, I don’t like to cheat in exams if someone asks me I will give them an answer but I will not bother to ask, my reason the marks gained by cheating doesn’t feel my own. But I am not that strict here, I can change my decision but it also happens rarely

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    • We share similar traits, Shivani. I’ve also believe that cheating brings in guilt and things earned so can’t be my own. Even when you aren’t so strict, I hope you’re self aware which makes a huge difference in mindfully proceeding with the task. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  5. Oh my God, so many thoughts and memories around this Anisha… it’s a thought provoking post!
    I’ve been caught with a friend during exams. The friend took my notes to study before the exams and he directly copied from my notes in exams. Got caught. He totally involved me in the story, But he was the grandson of the owner of the school … so it was just a lecture for him and no strong punishment. But I was given a sound advice on not to help in copying!! To be concious of self!! Gosh was I pissed!!!! They dint listen to my story, since I’m generally helpful they assumed I helped him.
    Right now I laugh it out …. .. but for what happened then, I still feel I wasn’t treated right 😀..
    the only thing is we have to be answerable to ourselves. The society knows how to outsmart us, so need to be on guard about it and yet keep our value system intact! Wooof!! 😀😀😀that’s quite a bit

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    • That must have been a terrible encounter at school. I couldn’t imagine how I’d have reacted then. Lucky that the matter settled with a strong advice! It’s true that teachers refuse to change their opinion about a student at times… for good or for bad, I don’t know.

      I agree that we’re answerable only to ourselves. But, gaining this wisdom at school would’ve been difficult. 🙂 I guess we still need training to beware of the outsmart society. Thank you for sharing your experience, Happy Soul! 😀

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  6. I totally relate to this! I have always been a good student academically. Once, even I indulged in cheating and the likes….even though I was not caught, the feeling of guilt stayed with me. It was the first and last time I would do such a thing. It is really important for us to be honest and keep our integrity. This was a really nice post❤

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  7. Oh and also, I am not able to view your latest post. I directly went to the website as you had mentioned but there the last post is “sign…are you the one?” Just wanted to tell you in case there was some issue.


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