I sit under a barren tree as rays of the sun start diminishing.

I hear a voice that’s more of an order, “Leave; it’s time for demons to rise.”

Astonished if it’s a miracle or a mystery, I rub my eyes only to see again with the same confusion – a mirage… Me in front of me.

Inspired by Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales #265.

Academic Integrity

I have my own moral principles, and one of them is not to copy in an exam, or do any sort of plagiarism. Whether it’s a class test, term test, an assignment or finals doesn’t matter to me.

I’m someone in the top strata performers. I listen to lectures diligently. When there was a surprise test a few weeks before the finals, I failed at school. I didn’t regret it because I knew I deserved it for my preparation level. There have also been times when I’ve stood alone at college for non-submission of assignments. This made me lose marks in the internals. However, I’ve been happy for not choosing to compromise on my value.

I was tampering with this value – my academic integrity – in other means somehow, under the guise of being good. Little did I realize it until I got punished for being good. Continue reading