Pitch Black


golden peeper

furry blankets

Did you think of night, moon and clouds? Or, were your thoughts about cat, eyes and its fur?

Aren’t we the same? Nights and us.

You admire moony nights, calling them the companion of loners. Then, why do you curse our congruent personalities, labelling us the companions of witches?

Isn’t this unfair, you humans?

With sorrow, Black Cats

Why this post?

27th October 2020 is Black Cat Day, aimed to raise awareness about black cats in general.

Even black lovers show aversion towards these sleek animals. To support this argument, surveys and researches show that the adoption rates for these species are comparatively lower than the other domestic cat varieties.

Let’s clear the air of mystery and unlucky charm around these poor creatures, dispel the myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, and start considering them as adorable and beautiful pets just like any other animal.


25 thoughts on “Pitch Black

  1. Interesting! Yes we were always told of black cats and the omens associated with them. Wonder who started it all, was it a chance portrayal in some literature that brought this bad luck for the black cats?
    Your take on this is interesting, and nice to portray the view as coming first hand from the cats themselves.
    The picture is lovely too.

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    • I’ve wanted to know that too, about who started associating black cats with bad omens. There’s a black cat roaming around my home always, and so far, I haven’t noticed any ill signs just because it crosses my path. I believe it’s just our mentality.

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m excited to know that you liked the words from the viewpoint of a cat. The picture is from Pexels.

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  2. judeitakali says:

    Very nice and I agree. I think the aversion is waning tho, more people now find them cool rather than scary.

    Being a witch’s companion isn’t the worst thing for a cat.
    It only means they are special cats😅

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    • Thank you very much, Jude! 🤗 I hope so too, that the hatred is scaling down. People’s love for black is also extending towards cats.

      Haha! I must tell the black cat when I meet one. It must really be special to help a witch. Interesting perspective! 😂


  3. I’ve heard people say that black cats are bad omen and never understood why….maybe like every other superstition it’s not meant to be understood and serves no good purpose.

    Also, I’ve a liking for black cats compared to other kinds. I just find them more beautiful, charming and mysterious indeed!

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