When sea misses land…

He laid awake and said the name into the night.

“Do I really miss her?”, asked his mind. He couldn’t deny. Everything in his line of sight reminded him of her today.

The rising moon,
her glowing face!

The gleaming waters,
the expanse of her love!

The rushing waves that have nowhere to go,
her habit of lingering around in his presence!

The clusters of stars,
the camaraderie they shared!

A seabird perched on a pole nearby,
her cherished messenger!

The ship moving far,
the distance he developed!

She’s a beauty so rare like the vast ocean that was beyond compare. It’s been a month for his anger to subside in spite of the cooling waters around. When rays of the dawn sun-kissed the seas and light dispelled the night, all he could remember were her morning kisses.

What more could a sailor resting on the deck do, than waiting to get a sight of his beloved whom he chose to ignore while returning to the seas clinging on to his silly argument?

His days began every day since then, but they were full of nights too.

He wished the dark blue waves slid him into the lap of the lands. When he yearned to send his oodles of feelings right away, he felt the chill of a cool ocean breeze drifting towards the shore. He realized, if the sea misses the land, it’ll be the land that misses the sea even more.

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