Lone Wolf

When Rune found a friend in me, it was his postures – hunched shoulders, ever lowered head, tucked-in tail, timid and fearful eyes – that portrayed him as an omega wolf yearning for a non-hurting companion.

The scars of terrible abuse could be felt when I patted his back while he sat silently by my side, but that didn’t mean he was loved less by the pack as I’ve witnessed the aggressive ones giving their dear omega a chance to win games at times.

Oddly, today I could feel a deep pain in his eyes that usually held fears and I was assured of my guess when Rune left my side in a direction opposite to that of his usual return, indicating that he has made his mind firm of becoming a lone wolf leaving his natal pack to nourish himself with adequate food and, find or form a new pack for himself beyond his birth territory.

Wolf Pack Mentality:

I loved this wolf in the photo so much that it inspired me to read about the characteristics of wolf packs. A pack is so much conscious of the territory it owns and is usually ordered – the dominant alphas, the middle-ranked beta wolves, and on the final rung stay the subservient omega.  The omega wolves are the ones that are mistreated often – the ones that get leftover food, are abused when the pack gets into a brawl for no reason, and denied permission to mate with their equals in difficult times.

In spite of these hardships, they are fun lovers and adapt very well to the mentality of the pack. They pull other wolves to have some fun. They willingly let the higher-order win, and sometimes, the reverse happens too, i.e., the alphas let their beloved omega win games. Unfortunately, when alphas aren’t in a mood to play, the omegas get attacked severely and they immediately lie in submission to ease the situation. However, they don’t stop taking risks.

Wolves aren’t as fierce a species as they are portrayed. Alphas don’t fail to protect the omegas from other packs. There is more to social rank in a wolf pack than mere strength and size.

This post is inspired by the ‘Three Line Tales by SonyaTo know more about the prompt, go through the guidelines, on her blog.

6 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. Very intersting indeed. I had heard the cliche “alpha wolf”, didn’t know there are beta and Omega also. And fantastic insight into the pack mentality, so much more social than most of us humans, here the omegas have no one to stand for them, almost always with only few exceptions.

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    • I’m glad you found the read interesting. I’ve heard of alpha males too. The term denotes natural superiority and at times, aggressiveness. From the pack’s mentality, we can say omegas can bear tough times but also know better on when to walk away.

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