Shades of Darkness

We often go through tough times when we face failures, when expectations crowd or we’re in the spotlight. We wish we were left alone in a dark place without any disturbance. But, is it okay to welcome gloom into one’s life volitionally? At least with me, it’s a no.

There are different shades of darkness.

An eerie silence and moonless night. 
Luminescent beach with none by side. 
Dense forest with torch in hand. 
Sullen sky accompanied by stray winds. 
Which dark shade would you prefer? 

I've glowing eyes sick of glaze. 
But, I'm gridded with exorbitant blaze. 
Won't you be my supporting knight... 
that little shade when it's way too bright? 

Needless to say, I need you.

Inspired by  Shweta’s ‘The Saturday Six Word Story’  prompt – ‘Need’.

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