This is a free verse, each line framed with six words, comparing water with the life of anyone who is in trouble. Based on the mind’s perception, the hope for reality might evaporate or offer a solution. A six-word story is quoted at the end.

Amorphous, but still assigned a colour.
She closed the doors of perception.
Things known transformed into things unknown.
She got lost in the waves.
Lost in mid-ocean, she was clueless.
She opened the doors of perception.
Flowing brutality also felt quite serene.
She found herself in the waves.

Like rigorous flow surrenders to oceans,
Hopes often surrender to waiting worlds.
Water not only reflects the face.
It reflects the strength of heart.

Like water takes it's container's shape,
Life's seen the way mind pictures.
Turbulent waters and minds are contagious.
Only calm ones can perceive solutions.

Water can evaporate or offer solutions.

This is in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’. The prompt for this week is ‘Water’.

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