Isn’t endless a myth?

Mortals exist and perish. Celestials evolve and evanesce. Stories with obscure margins seem ceaseless.

Nevertheless, everything endless ends.


This is in response to the ‘Weekend Writing Prompt’ by Sammi Cox. The word prompt for this week is ‘endless’, and the challenge is to limit a piece of prose or poem to exactly 18 words.

28 thoughts on “Isn’t endless a myth?

    • Indeed, they don’t. But, I had a wider perception.

      Numbers are symbols introduced by humans. If someday, the human race doesn’t exist anymore, the idea of numbers won’t exist anymore too! 🙂

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  1. True, but numbers were invented for a necessity as a form of representation to help humans comprehend what is available in nature, if not numbers might be some other form.. like ants and other animals can count to certain digits, I am sure they are not using numbers😁👍🏻🙂🙏🏻

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