His First Time

“Why did you do that?”

Sensing her oblique intention and harsh tone, her preteen son lied for the first time.

Here, oblique means indirect or doubtful.

This is in response to the ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday’ prompt by Akanksha Singh @ BulbulThe challenge is to write a story in exactly 20 words for the prompt word oblique.

27 thoughts on “His First Time

    • Indeed, Mam. We always hope for the good. I believe it takes some time to identify the habit itself and it won’t continue if the approach is altered.

      Thank you! ❣


    • True, Aakanksha. Lies are more like armours that protect us against difficulties nowadays. But, they certainly won’t let us win the battle.

      Glad that you liked the take. Thank you! And, it’s a pleasure writing for the prompt.

      I have a kind suggestion. My take didn’t appear in your round-up, because I linked the pingback mistakenly to last week’s prompt. I’d appreciate if you take a look at it.

      Liked by 1 person

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