Rising Sun is a Lie

The first celestial lesson we take as a kid is that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But in reality, is it not the rotation of the Earth that makes the Sun appear to rise in the East? The difference is so subtle. We’re just logically tricked.

We all get to know this truth as we grow up but still choose to believe the lie that sun rises and sets. Why? Because it’s comfortable. For years together, we’ve trained our brain that way and it’s wired to take the easy-to-believe route that doesn’t need too many explanations.

Lying has been perceived as a disgraceful social habit. So, most often, we don’t lie in public. But, we continue lying in many other circumstances to our own self without even realising it.

Let me share two simple instances of personal lies regarding academics, from my own experience.

➟ I have most of my notes in digital format. So, I’ll be often seen with my laptop. This certainly affects my eyesight. I do have computer glasses, but I don’t use them consciously just because I don’t find them comfortable. I convince myself that nutritious food is enough to balance the ill-effects, which my mind knows is a lie.

➟ When it comes to performance, I do really well with practicals and seminars but never read before exams, even for the final ones. I convince myself that I can manage to get good grades because I listen to lectures. Yeah, that happens but I know I’m capable of doing more. The cavalier attitude is nothing but a result of laziness.

You might have lied too, regarding work, relationships, or to postpone a habit of self-development (I often skip my workouts).

In spite of knowing it’s an unhealthy habit, why do we repeatedly do the same? We’re accountable to none for our personal goals. Our esteem isn’t affected in any way, because it’s not hurt by other’s lies but our own ones.

Self-deception is so harmful. If you’re someone who has been ignoring the clashes of mind and heart for a long time and waste time because you feel like running away from something, it’s high time to take charge of your self-control.

There’s no use in running away from fears. It’s a symbolism of cheating oneself and a strong indicator that we’re not honest about our own motives.

It’s difficult to be honest to others when you continue lying to yourself.

– Carlos Wallace

Let’s get rid of the cruelty we do to our own lives. Like how the sun never rises, we can never raise too, bearing the chains of self-lies. We’ve been accustomed to them but only a fight against the natural pull will help us fly and freed ourselves.

Living truthfully to oneself is one of the powerful antidotes for a peaceful existence.


44 thoughts on “Rising Sun is a Lie

  1. This is such a eye opening post Anisha. Sometime we lie to ourselves without even consciously knowing what we are doing, at times it becomes so natural.
    But we should not console ourselves and should start owning up to things, afterall we get life only once.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly my thoughts, Puzzled Mind. When we recognise we’re lying, we should definitely take up responsibility for our actions and not look for excuses. I’m happy that you could relate. Thanks a lot! ❣

      Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed, Rishab! We believe certain false notions often that we don’t even feel guilty about them anymore. It’s something that needs to be changed.

      Thanks for appreciating! Good to find you here after long! ☺


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