Curtains Closed

My life has changed colours
on your entry as well as the exit.

When I was asleep,
you were near, anytime besides.

Now, when I’m awake,
you are distant, nowhere to be seen.

Your smile that was once soothing,
now like a phantom, is haunting.

The cheery impulse we shared,
is now my lone seizure to be sad.

I’ve let go of some pieces,
but still holding on to many.

A day in my past,
I reminisced a future with you.

A day in my future,
will I ever forget my past?

Now that you’ve gone leaving me,
should I try, come and join you?

Not knowing if I’m alive or dead,
I’m living, embracing life as death.

I was cynical of life after death,
but now I believe, as you live inside me.

This is a free verse written with the usage of ‘Antithesis’.

Antithesis is a literary device used in writing or speech when two opposites are introduced together to produce a contrasting effect. I’ve highlighted the alternating pair of opposites with alternating colours.

This post is written in response to the ‘Saturday Mix’ prompt by Sarah aka Weejars.

The challenge – Opposing Forces – is to use the two opposing words in the response – which can be poetry or prose. Prompt words for this week are – asleep and awake & distant and near.

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