Poetic Sunsets

— Haiku

race for perfect blend
flawed shades reflect flawless days
sky in charming hues

omitting you dooms lives
rise again before we fade
your presence lights days

water collides fire
day fades without a blemish
odds mark thy beauty

— Senryu

sunset steganography
zero-day flaw exploitation
malware attack begins


Zero-day is a term that denotes a recently discovered bug or loophole that is potentially serious in any computer software and acts as a threat to software users. The zero-day attack is the exploitation of this security weakness by hackers before the vendor or software developer is aware of the bug, or before the developers could release an official patch or update to fix the flaw.

A few years back, there was a malware coming around using steganography, a technique used to encrypt information within images, to steal bank credentials. Users who downloaded an image of a sunset (for few others, it was a cat) from photo-sharing websites, which looked more like a common wallpaper, unknowingly installed malware into their systems. This image had hidden configuration files to monitor a list of banks and financial institutions. Whenever the affected systems visited any website in the list to make online transactions or any other communications, their credentials were stolen and acquired by hackers.

This post is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt by Ronovan. The challenge words for the week are Day and Flaw.

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