Flower Children

war heroes’ lost lives

flower shower hailed in grave

aimed at blooming peace

I had two different interpretations of this senryu.

A man who died without mental peace was showered flowers in the graveyard during burial for his soul to rest in peace.

Soldiers died in a war. People who witnessed the losses showered flowers on their graves hoping to make their death meaningful, expecting peace on land.

Flower Children are young people who lay flowers at the graves of war casualties to advocate love and peace.

This post is inspired by the ‘Three Line Tales prompt by Sonya. To know more about the prompt, go through the guidelines, on her blog.

28 thoughts on “Flower Children

    • That’s exactly what I had in mind while I wrote this. Maybe the intentions are high, but there’s absolutely no use.

      I’m glad to find someone who has interpreted the essence. ❣


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