Clouded Thoughts

I ran to the moors chasing a rabbit. Thunder distracted me. I looked at the sky and stood there awestruck by the beauty of the mountains that were capped by dark clouds.

It started to drizzle. It felt good. I didn’t want to move. Hoping to spot a rainbow, I missed another rabbit, this time the one in the form of bubbled clouds, that crossed my path.

So is life. We chase our dreams and get stuck without working for them when there’s a distraction. Hindrances will never stop along the long journey. If we stop to focus on each of them, we lose the purpose and never get to reach the destination, not even closer.

What’s more important? Should we stop observing the obstacles? Certainly not. They provide refreshing experiences, at times, pleasant sights, or the power to hold on.

All one needs is self-discipline, a quality less admired, but of more value. It requires a high priority. Only when our thoughts are mastered, can we master the deeds performed.

It’s okay to take deserving breaks. That should be a mindful choice, and not because there isn’t the so-called ‘mood’ to do a task. Being sad and doing nothing isn’t something to boast off from any perspective.

Respect your own efforts. Don’t miss your dream rabbit again.

Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don’t talk back.

– W. K. Hope


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