Hills to Oceans

— Headwaters

snow filled mountain caps
memories melt on warm days
nearby lake collects

— River Channel

pathway forms on green globe
memories taken away
voyage from heaven

— Waterfall

treading over rocks
water splatters with loud roars
embracing valley

— Oxbow Lake

desolated pond
exhausted relationship
river meets new friends

— Riverside Reflections

wind casts magic spell
rustle tunes and ripples dance
touch without touching

— River Mouth

fresh legacy forsaken
demarcating unseen boundary
signs merger with salt

— Journey of a River

bids adieu to lake
runs far flourishing drylands
meets sea and finds peace

This post is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt by Ronovan. The challenge words for the week are Meet and Part.

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