Gift a Book

Hey everyone!

It’s an announcement regarding a reading initiative by a friend of mine.

Gift a Book is a two-way facilitation platform in which a willing book donor can surprise a school-going kid by gifting a book. Both the donors and kids interested in receiving a book can register themselves on the website, which is to be launched on 15th August 2020 at 05:00 pm IST.

Invite for 'Gift a Book' Launch event

Invite for ‘Gift a Book’ Launch event

Here’s the Zoom Meeting link for the launch event to be held tomorrow – Give A Book’ Initiative Launch.
Meeting ID: 915 4639 5522
Passcode: 6Fv6uR

We’d be very much glad if you could spare 30 minutes from your schedule and lend your support and wishes by participating in the launch event. As of now, the initiative is open to students from Tamilnadu and Kerala (India) only.

Kindly spread a word to your friends and family who are intense readers or interested in joining this initiative. Also, anyone can suggest books that you feel will be useful to school-going children to expand their creativity, skills, or knowledge by filling in this Book Database – Google form.

Expecting your support and presence!


The launched website’s URL: Gift A Book

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