Lost – TLT #10

Celebrations failed when both of them followed the crowd and went missing.

Before silencing due to fear and tiredness, they were clever enough to garner attention by crying and barking loud, without knowing that they were actually screaming out a philosophy.

Those who follow the sea of people usually get lost in its waves. Continue reading

An Eagle’s Eye View of EIA 2020

(The following is an article from a friend who wants to share his views on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and chose this blog as a medium for it. – Anisha)

Kudos to all the readers! I’m here to share of EIA 2020 without any prejudices. This article is going to be the summary of the panel discussion that we had in our college, including my personal opinions. All sorts of discussions and comments are welcome for better understanding and awareness.

I am not a pro in the environment sector and I am learning day by day. I don’t belong to any party or agency, and I am pursuing PGDFM from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.

I would like to take this discussion forward in simply 2 categories:

  1. Advantages and improved measures
  2. Areas to improve in EIA 2020

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental assessment is the assessment of the environmental consequences of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. Under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, India notified its first EIA norms in 1994, setting in place a legal framework for regulating activities that access, utilise, and affect (pollute) natural resources.

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‘So-called’ advantages and improved measures

Heavy penalty for violators

All of us can remember the recent gas leak in LG polymers, Vishakhapatnam. It is one of the evident events that many such companies are not following the environmental regulations but paying heavy fines upon catastrophe. Continue reading