Spunky who’s not spunky

A monkey ‘Spunky’ lost some key to a bunny ‘Bunkey’. Spunky, who’s a flunkey to a hunky junkie, clung to the monkeypod fearing the slinky walk of that clunky lad, abandoning the key in his name ‘spunky’.

Picture for the prompt


clunky – old-fashioned.

flunkey – a person who performs relatively menial tasks for someone else, also excessively obedient.

hunky – attractive and well-built.

junkie – a person with obsessive dependency on something, esp. drugs.

spunky – courageous and determined.

Monkeypod – a flowering tree, also called the rain tree.

Crazy Nerds crossed the 1000-subscribers mark (including the email followers) on 6th August 2020. I wanted to share my joy with you guys, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and love you show towards this blog. A huge thank you! 🙏

1000 subscribers - Thank you!

This is in response to the ‘What Do You See Prompt’ by Sadje (any original writing inspired by the given picture). 

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