Destruct & Self – Set #2

— Autumn / Revival

fearing dreaded cold
they die gently kissing earth
awaiting fresh start

— Envy

a wide killer smile!
the enemy’s inner self
razes by strong weapon

— Privacy

confidential emails…
vanish from servers after
the expiration time

— Decay

memories augment!
human souls fertilize with
memories decayed

— Adaptive Immunity

antigen attacks the host…
cells fight back proving self defense
destructing pathogens

— Chrysalis

the painted lady
destructed the cocoon
herself to get freed

You can read haiku on a few more themes here ➟ The first set of haiku on ‘destruct’ and ‘self’.

This post is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt by Ronovan. The challenge words for the week are Destruct and Self.

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