Destruct & Self – Set #1

— Supernova

magical glory!
the massive stars blaze to ash
rising other stars

— Unrequited Love

every time she smiled
he destructed himself
and made his eyes lie

— Suicide

pain destroyed his self!
he faced it all at once and
escaped peacefully

— Deforestation

fallen trees around
humanity faces downfall
with rising buildings

— Self-conceit

in ego battle
destroyer wins every day
making miracles

— Mom

candle shines so calm!
disintegrating itself
it guides through despair

You can read haiku on a few more themes here ➟ The second set of haiku on ‘destruct’ and ‘self’.

This post is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt by Ronovan. The challenge words for the week are Destruct and Self.

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