Shatter and Solace

It has been seven years. Maaya’s still single, with no family. Day by day, her discomfort was growing bigger and bigger than her comforts, especially after her distant mother’s demise. Completely shattered, she decided to step out of her ruts and lookout for a new way to solace her disturbed mind.

She had her dinner, and then sent an email full of unsaid words that weighed heavy in her heart for a long time. She didn’t dare to check the mailbox again for a reply. The night passed restlessly. But still, she was determined not to turn on her internet till the same time, next night. When the sun rises, it was going to be a big day in her life.

Maaya, who’d usually be full of pep in the morning, got ready at a snail’s pace to work as if she had no interest to accept the felicitation she was to receive in a few hours. She packed breakfast and left the box in the refrigerator feeling dejected. Picking her car keys and documents, she opened her door.

There stood a man, the same man to whom she had sent an email last night pouring her heart out, facing the ground and not daring to press the calling bell. She guessed that he must have been standing there for long, at least for more than an hour, looking at his attire and tired body language.

Tears, which were hidden for years, started dripping from all four eyes. They had no words to speak. Realizing it’s already late, not to work, but to receive him inside and to connect with him after years, she took his luggage in. He followed her in, silently.

Keeping it beside the couch, she rushed to the kitchen and got him a glass of water. When she returned to the living room, he was still standing right next to his luggage. She caught his hands, made him sit, and then handed over the glass. He didn’t extend his hands.

After a few more minutes of silence, breathing heavily, he faced her for the first time. A drop of tear rolled down her cheek into the glass. As if accepting her gesture, he got hold of the glass. The tear, now mixed with water, soothed all his pains considerably.

As a man of dignity, knowing that she was getting ready for office, he shattered the silence in a mild tone, “I can wait here till you return.”

Gaining her strength, she used ‘the word’.

“Papa!”, she uttered and paused. Seeing his eyes swell, she continued solacing his throbbing heart, “I’ll wait till you get ready. I’m taking you along for the felicitation.” With overwhelming emotions and no more reasons to stay apart, he nodded and followed her to the room.

An email and a tear proved both of their genetic characteristics wrong, turning their cavalier attitudes to care and compassion.


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