Snoopy Scooby

Scooby has been a great spy for years now. There’s none to beat him in the rat democracy, and today is the day he is to retire.

He was blessed with the lifespan of a human for his kind act as a little rat, and he utilized the boon to its fullest, mostly for the improvement of his species. With his efforts, he transformed the shabby rat communities to clean and respectable societies.

He didn’t want to leave his nation and nationals in trouble after his retirement. With proper pre-planning, he has already completed training the best squad of young rats who were the selected few among his trainees.

Scooby, as a spy, has been the mastermind to feed his race during difficult times. Being the brave and intelligent one, he trained himself to read regional human language. In the initial days, he used to turn the pages of the billing slips, and note down the details he wants. He only chooses the shops that use carbon copies.

Later, when the world had a digital shift, he even learnt to operate computers. He did his computer training by spotting a safe location by the billing desk, observing the operator. He has even tested his ability practically after the shops closed at night. During those times, there won’t be any surveillance cameras installed in shops. So, things got easier for him. As usual, he noted his requirements in his sharp brain.

Have you been wondering what he was noting down from the billing desk and computers? ‘The Customer Details‘.

He snoops into their bills, makes note of the pantry they purchase, and then assembles his team at midnight. He assigns them duties of which house to visit with addresses. Their first targets are the households that purchase more than what is needed. Someone’s greed to put food items in the store, esp. the tasty dry pantries, started feeding the rats. Scooby also made sure to not visit the same households at regular intervals.

This is the technique he handles because his seniors had taught him that stealing repeatedly from the same houses is a terrible mistake. They could be trapped and even be killed in the process if caught red-handed. Snoopy also doesn’t allow his team to steal goods directly from shops for two reasons – one, they could be trapped, and two, the shops are sources of key information to feed their hunger. And so, shopkeepers are to be treated next to God. They had their own values.

Like humans say “Data is the new oil, data from humans has been an important source of existence in the rat race too.

With the advent of spying cameras in many groceries and supermarkets, his work faced a heavy downfall. He had to think very hard to snoop into bills now. He realized it’s time to acquire a new skill. Why waste time when he knows the human language? Ordering his clan to not waste grains and pantries, limiting supplies to individuals, and assigning his powers to a few rats, he set out to find a solution.

Scooby followed the real thieves, to monitor how they steal at places with cameras. He got to know about jammers. He wanted to know more details and so he attended a course in school, hiding behind the benches, to learn the working principle of sensors. When his brain assimilated enough intelligence, he found ways to accomplish his mission.

He returned to his place. They planned for a few days, stole sensors, and fit them in not-so-popular marts so as to not get caught by the network professionals. They now used jammers to revise the computerized bills. As an advancement, he advised his team to learn to monitor the activities in the shops remotely. For this, they entered the houses of people who go to night duties, or petty offices that remain closed for a long time. To express their gratitude, he ordered his team to never steal food from these houses that provide them the digital service.

With the satisfaction of imparting his knowledge completely to his juniors, and handing over his responsibilities to deserved hands, he entered the dais on his retirement day. On his felicitation, he was warmly welcomed by his trainees. The crowd, blessing him a peaceful life henceforth, cheered him loud by calling out his name with the esquire, “Long Live, Snoopy Scooby!.

Young Scooby On Duty

To express their love, his fellows at work framed and presented a picture to him, ‘Young Scooby On Duty’, as a tribute to his risky and honourable service.


This post is written in response to the ‘What Do You See’ by Sadje. The challenge is to write something original family-friendly, inspired by the given picture.

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