Copter #Origami

I fly high and high, setting my own boundaries, always ready to help people in need and danger.

Indeed, there are many other peers far better than me in performance. But, I never demean my self-worth, even when I get tired of tedious journeys.

Helicopter - origami - side view

Helicopter - origami - top view

At such times, I get back to my home, Earth, and rest peacefully as much as I want. This gives me space to revive my mental health, refuel, and fly high again.

Take necessary breaks in your journey, enjoy and live life to your contentment.

Good Luck!

– Helicopter

25 thoughts on “Copter #Origami

  1. You dint take me to Kedarnath dear copter! Missed meeting you, but i do respect you 😊

    Contentment!! I love that feeling in this post! Well written!

    You made that origami copter? So neat!!! 👌

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