Link – Puzzle – SoCS

The concepts that struck my mind on reading the prompt word ‘link‘ are all related to computers – the linked list, one of the basic data structures; anchor tag, the tag in HTML to add hyperlinks; and finally, uplinks and downlinks, that are related to mobile communication and satellites.

But, I didn’t get a way to proceed with my thought. And so, I’m proceeding this no-editing prompt with a new concept, a puzzle.


The four words specified above, that sound like an acrostic, are actually linked to each other. Find the connecting link. Also, there is a hint right within this post to answer the puzzle.

If you guess the answer, you may leave it in the comments. I’ve changed the settings such that all comments need to be manually approved, so that others can’t read your answers.

This post will be re-published at 7:00 PM IST today, with the connecting link, the names of those who have solved the puzzle with a link to their blogs, and an update on this post.

STRICTLY NO BROWSING! If you can’t control your curiosity and have browsed, kindly don’t leave a comment until I re-publish the same. Good Luck!



You can find the solution to this puzzle here.

This post is written in response to the ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt’ by Linda G. Hill. The challenge is to exhibit conscious writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on the content.

The prompt for this week is to use the word ‘link‘ as a noun or verb in the post.

#SoCS Badge

#SoCS Badge

27 thoughts on “Link – Puzzle – SoCS

  1. Hey, I don’t know the meaning of the words exactly 😅 but reading the whole thing and you talking about satellite, mobile communication, computers, is it related to something satellite as they can be man-made ones and many planets including earth have natural satellites or moon we say and as a whole, they affect that planet too so is this related to something this
    Waiting to see the answer, very curious to know
    Amazing post 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Couldn’t find the link Anisha. Loge reminds me of Log to base e 😂and also the log file which helps us trouble shoot 😊
    Iapetus I have heard too, along with Titan and Atlas though😅. Greek gods. Had come across in a stage play.
    Waiting for the answer 😊

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    • Log e… I didn’t see that coming! 😂

      You’re so close, Happy Soul. Atlas, Titan and Iapetus are not only Greek Gods, but also satellites. Most planets and satellites are named after Greek and Roman Gods.

      You can find the detailing to the solution in the next post. Thanks for trying! 🤗

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      • 😂😂 I thought of everything from maths to console log files😜

        Yaaa.. I realised when I saw the answer. I knew Titan and Atlas were Saturn’s satellites. It was in academics. But I dint link it to “satellite” clue in the post 😅 and I had never heard of the Narvi n Kari. They were discovered when I completed studies and stopped giving exams and was busy dating my fiancee then😆

        That was a very good idea for SoCS prompt Anisha

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