Human Photography Tales

Photo with someone tall?
Given a choice among all out there!
.. Unpaid selfie stick!
.. Kneel with kids!
.. Show just your face from behind!

Photo with someone fair?
Filters make them a daytime ghost!

Photo with someone lean?
Comment section opens, and floods!
.. Food advice!
.. Dress choices!
.. Even medical check-ups!

Photo with someone fat?
Mostly, left out of the frame!

I often ponder over photographs taken!

Do they bring back the good memories,
or re-invite the past grievances?

Do they capture and freeze the moment,
or remind us of missing the moment?

38 thoughts on “Human Photography Tales

  1. I think what a person feel depends on the individual who’s looking at the photograph. Although sometimes when captured at the right moment with a right photographer, even a stranger can feel that frozen moment in time.

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