The view is always better from distance. When you get closer, you don’t get the perfect looks. You get to see the flaws. More of them, actually!

So are our relationships. It always appears pleasant from a distance. Only when you commit, you feel the real vibe. You might find pleasure, reflections, and even stuff you don’t like.

As a generic instance, let us consider the marvels of nature.

We don’t say that the mighty mountains might have looked better had they been steeper. We don’t judge the evening sky, saying it’d have been more beautiful had the blend of colours been bit lighter. We neither judge the vast oceans nor the endless deserts. We don’t judge nature. Their identity is their beauty.

“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you’re worthy of love and belonging. ”

– Brene Brown

Cultivate similar thoughts, also with relationships, and try to stop being judgemental. Accept the flaws, and relish the good.

Accepting and loving others for what they are, is equally important as self-acceptance and self-love. Life isn’t perfect always, neither with us nor with others!


42 thoughts on “Picturesque

      • Good morning Anisha !! Same here.. have been wanting to read yours since a long time and I got held up. Mainly because of my travel back to Dubai. There was a small window from 12 to 26 of July and I made a quick decision to return. Lots of formalities had to be done, packing and everything made me take a break from the blog for nearly 2 weeks !! And in Dubai, routines have changed and am trying to squeeze in blogging 🙄

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        • A very good Morning, Nima! 🙂

          Winding up a vacation and packing back to home is a great task, indeed. It’s great knowing that you’ve returned!

          Settle yourself first. Blogging can wait. We’ll be there to catch up with your posts anytime. 😊

          Hope the pandemic situation is better there! Take care, Nima.

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          • Thank you so much dear.. am kind of getting “kind of depression” here for not being able to write 😛 Am all the time nagging my husband for this 😛 😛

            For the time being, situation seems under control. Not that it is completely over, but numbers are comparatively less and more recoveries.. Life is back to normal here for Dubai.. but cautious too 🙂 It might take time for me to get adjusted though !! I have not recovered from the “always scary mode” in India ..!!

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