Burning Bridges – TLT #5

I’m too crippled by weaknesses and fears to even ride this cycle.

The refulgent glow of the evening sky seems to warm the light of the burning bridges in my thoughts.

I don’t remember or could even guess what lies on the other side, but I’ve chosen to persevere just like this bridge standing strong in troubled waters, hoping to find another bridge on my way.

To burn your bridges‘ is an idiom, which means to do something irrevocable, often consciously, that it’s impossible to get back to the previous state of life.

Here, the bridge is symbolized as an opportunity. Burning bridges indicate the opportunities wasted, due to internal fears and the lacking courage in the protagonist.

This is a response post to the ‘Three Line Tales by Sonya.

To know more about the prompt, go through the guidelines, on her blog.

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