Tossing Fun

Little Manu lived with his grandma on his vacation. He loved the food she cooks and was fascinated by watching her cook.

Whenever she cooked, he used to accompany her in the kitchen. Watching her simple culinary knacks of blending, chopping, grating, and baking immensely enthralled him.

One day, watching her toss the skillet, he gaped and got curious to try it out. He gathered little pebbles from the garden, borrowed a pan from his granny, and started his fun adventure.

He’d toss and fail. He’d try again only to fail again. After repeated attempts, he somehow wanted to perfect the toss.

But now, he changed his technique as well as the target. He took a pebble in hand, closed an eye, and tossed it towards the bin in a corner. He succeeded. Manu’s new toss game continued until the food was ready.

While eating, he understood that cooking is a skill of many interwoven skills. He kissed his granny in the cheeks for the delicacy and ran to get his board game that she promised to play after lunch.

Kitchen Sticker

His granny smiled wide and looked at a wall sticker in the dining. It said, “Happiness is homemade, and seasoned with love. It was her mantra not only for spicing up her recipes but also for nurturing her family.


This post is written in response to the ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt’ by Linda G. Hill. The challenge is to exhibit conscious writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on the content.

The prompt for this week is to use ‘toss‘ in the post.

#SoCS Badge

#SoCS Badge

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