Baby’s Cry

I cry as they make me lie in the same spot where ants visit. That goes unnoticed, and my ignorant mom forcefully makes me drink tonic for stomach ache.

Dad and mom don’t stop their silly fights. My tender eardrums are tearing. I wish I can call out granny to save. The least I can do to bring attention is cry.

Elders yell for stupid reasons, and when I do the same to calm them down, I’m tagged a devil! 😈

I laugh at my mom’s funny hairstyle. She thinks it’s the food that I like and feeds me more! 

When I actually cry to get some food to my little tummy, she pats me on the back to make me sleep. Now tell me, who can sleep when hungry?

The grown-ups travel places and get tired. I travel from hand to hand, get drained, and cry. I pity my brother who wasn’t born during COVID days. How many more guests would he have met?

Don’t try to pacify me now. I’m crying because I’m sleepy, mom. You are leaving me in the cradle, exactly when I don’t want to. For pity’s sake, why don’t you take me in your shoulders and roam around now?

Oh God! Why aren’t we blessed with telepathy?

P.S.: Inspired from the rants of a dear friend!

62 thoughts on “Baby’s Cry

    • Indeed. Babies are difficult to manage. However, I’m not sure if they sound frustrating.

      I’m not a parent, Mam. This is just a fiction. 🙂

      Thanks for the read. Have a great day ahead!


  1. This is a fun read Anisha !!
    You know what, I used to ask myslef this question of right and wrong loads of times when my son was a baby. When he cries, there are so many reasons that fill your mind.. it will br a trial and error to find out the exact reason and I think even when we have gone through this phase many times, these doubts emerge each time. Am I feeding him well, is he happy, is he sad, is he in pain !! Oh God !!!
    And am sure, my son would have thought what you have written too !! And maybe more than that 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Thanks for the compliment, Nima!

      I believe every new parent does that 🙂. You’ve got quite a lot of thoughts. I appreciate your patience in handling him, making your doubts take the backseat.

      Haha! Maybe, he could’ve had thoughts, and luckily, you’ll never know. 😀

      Is he a school-going kid now?

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      • Yeah.. all parents have loads of doubts 😂😂 i even used to wake up at intervals to check if he is breathing🤭🤭. But I kept it as a secret.. but later came to know that all mothers did this 😂😂😂 you dont know how relived i was to know that am not crazy 😂😂

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      • Yeah.. in UAe the child has to be 4 years in July to get him enrolled for that academic year. Dev’a bday falls in november. So he is 4.5 and started in april. But his schooling started in online system 😒

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        • It’s good to know that he has started schooling. But, kids will miss a lot of fun and socializing when education is online, that too, the beginning years. Hope he adapts to changing times.

          When I first read your blog, I thought you’d be in my age group and never imagined you to even be married. You have a son. It’s more like fantasy, Nima! 😁

          And, you’re more like a friend now. 🤗

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    • Thanks a lot for your kind consideration. I’m happy that you’ve found my blog worthy for this nomination.

      But, I won’t be able to take this forward. I just recently announced on the blog to take up only those awards that are new to this blog, as writing response posts are taking a toll on my schedule. I hope you understand. I truly appreciate your gesture! 🙂

      I’ll check it out soon. Thanks, again!

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