Pika Pika! #Origami

Pikachu - Origami - crazienerds

Glad to meet you!
Now, tell me. How do I look?

Cute and compassionate, or
sarcastic and smart?

I know I’m all of them,
and I’m confident about that!

Oh! Don’t you like me?
I completely respect your opinion.

If you’re to meet me again,
keep an answer ready for who you are.

I forget things. That’s what I do.

– Pikachu

49 thoughts on “Pika Pika! #Origami

  1. I saw this pikachu before, what is this really? I’ll google it and find out. That’s a cute poem, Loved it that too when its from a pikachu🐇 I know that’s a bunny Emoji, don’t mind, I don’t have a pikachu Emoji. 😉. Have a Good day Anisha✨

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