‘10 of My Favourite Feelings’ Tag

Crazy Nerds has been nominated for ‘10 of my favourite feelings’ tag, by 3 bloggers – Curious Mind, Shweta and Simon. Thank you all!

About this tag

The tag has its origin from Xandria’s blog. In her own words,

“I think if there’s one thing that this quarantine has taught me it’s that I’ve become so much more appreciative of the simple things in life. I came across a couple YouTube videos called ‘My Favourite Feelings’ and I absolutely loved it.”

The motive of this tag is to reflect the happy little things in our life and appreciate them.


All you have to do is tag Xandria in the post – (She wants to know what the chain of nominees put down) and list out 10 of your favourite feelings! In her words again, “No pressure to do this, just thought it would be fun, and something different”.

My Favourite Feelings:

➟ Embracing the cold breeze with my favourite beverage, which is also cold!

➟ Sparrows chirping outside my room.

➟ Clear night sky filled with stars, escorted with music!

➟ Strolls along a village road.

➟ Solo cycle rides at dawn – that’s just awesome!

➟ Playing online games with friends.

➟ Turning the leaflets of childhood photo albums!

➟ Listening to a favourite song accidentally in a random playlist, after really long.

➟ I enjoy cooking desserts and snacks. I’ve tried 20 – 30 of them and luckily all have turned out very well (except for one type of cake).

➟ I get solutions for my academic problems at sleep, mostly that missing logic to finish my program. This might sound weird, but true, and I really feel happy about that. I continue my sleep after jotting it down in my notepad.

I know the tag is just about 10 feelings. Here are 3 extras to each additional nomination; 3 because that’s the total count of nominations to this tag.

➟ I like it when my brain is so active and pours out random ideas for the blog.

➟ Popping bubble wraps and soap bubbles are fun. I can’t ever get enough of them.

➟ I love neat and organised rooms. I usually keep my room that way. When curtains and sheets are changed, it looks even more pleasant and I love it more!

➟ Getting flat sandals has become more of a challenge for me in the years after school. Yeah, flat shoes are easily available, but I’m advised not to wear them after surgery. When I get a fitting pair of sandals, I really get over the moon!

➟ I collect coins – to fill my piggy bank (yes, I still have one) and as a hobby. I’ve lots of commemorative coins, few ancient ones and a few from different countries. I started doing these for fun when I was a kid, and continue the habit even now.

➟ Minions! I love their attitude – funny, sarcastic and so caring; not caring for what others say and caring for people around. Indeed, I know they are cute little bastards. (You may follow this link to know a few vocabularies on Minionese, the Minion language, and to read on their attitude.)

My Nominees

I nominate the following blogs to take forward this joyful experience.


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