Glistening Shore - Sue's WritePhoto Prompt

Her mind was spinning,
so fast, like a broken
directionless compass.

She came from a land of hills
from a place so high
with definite height.

Hills grow in inches
or slide a little,
but it was certain.

She’s uncertain, now onshore,to change her home
to the boundless ocean.

Her eyes, like the surface,
reflect her passion; but,
her heart, restless as the tides.

The water’s glittering vastness,
the waves’ love for the land,
leaves her more confused.

It’s time for a new life.
She’s not yet ready
to leave the shore.

Which road to choose?
Highlands beyond the dunes?
Or, depths beneath the shoreline?

To escape her thoughts,
she decides to dive, to live
her heart’s deepest desires.

She finds solace with
mountains underworld,
her abode in a new world.

This is a free verse describing the thoughts of a woman getting out of her comfort zone – to a new home, maybe to find her love, or to explore her passions.


This post is written in response to the ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent.

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