I dream and dream,
through day and night,
like it’s my only errand.

With the rise of dawn,
dreams cheer me up
for an endurance test.

During the day,
they give me hope
and sustain me alive.

I keep following my dreams
forgetting the surroundings,
yet observing them keenly.

I advance forward to the target
to find the key to the next door,
to only realise it’s a deceiving mirage.

With the fall of dusk,
I’m done for the day with
deeply hurt disappointments.

During the night,
they flush my desires
with fantastic fantasies.

I mend my broken wings,
hold together pieces falling,
and put them back in place.

Looking at the twinkling stars,
I convince my tearing heart
to silence its woeful screams.

When it’s dawn again,
I fix my gaze and prepare myself
to follow the mirage, again.

With ticks of the duty-bound clock,
I’m reborn every day, repeatedly
fading and claiming my own self.

I don’t want to stop the chase
until I get to find the oasis
or even beyond that.

My dreams aren’t a waste of time
nor foolish fears of future so far,
but reflectors of reality deferred.

My dreams are big and small,
open and secretive,
of love and ambitions.

I’m testing my tenacity.
I really want to know
how far I can persist and go.

People often say,
to die with memories
and not just dreams.

But, I hope my dreams always remain
more valiant than my memories,
so that they don’t die as long as I live!

This free verse is written in response to the ‘Thursday Poetry Competition‘ by ‘Penable’. The topic assigned is ‘Dreams‘.

To all those silent strugglers out there, you’ll get to achieve your dreams someday. Keep your spirits high even when you take breaks once in a while.


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