Awesome Blogger Award

This is the 4th ‘Awesome Blogger Award’ nomination to ‘Crazy Nerds’. It’s a great pleasure! Thank you, Nabeela, for the nomination.

Nabeela runs a blog in which she shares her personal experiences, aspirations, and observations on worldly events. Check her out if you haven’t come across her blog before. She’s a calm soul with amazing voice, which I recently heard on her new YouTube channel.

Rules and history of this award can be found here.

An update on awards

‘Crazy Nerds’ has been nominated for too many awards lately. I find it harder to fit them in my schedule and write responses. So, I’ve come up with a decision to accept only the award nominations and tags that are new to this blog. This is the last response post I’m taking up for an award already received.

I appreciate all the love and recognition you show towards ‘Crazy Nerds’! However, I also hope you understand my stand. 

My answers to the questions from ‘Stay at Home Mom’:

  1. One habit that you hate the most in you?  


  1. What is the one thing that you feel annoying in another person?


    When one repeats saying the same stuff again and again, I get annoyed and lose my temper.


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