World Bicycle Day

Today, 3rd June, is World Bicycle Day.

It’s the first machine we master as children and the one we abandon when the seductions of the automobile take over.

– Colman McCarthy

On this day, let’s dust our memories and make bicycles part of our life.


37 thoughts on “World Bicycle Day

  1. Madhuri Sakhamuri says:

    I still remember learning to ride a bicycle without tripping even once…I still boast about it…But I fell off of it after mastering the skill…That’s very funny…Bicycle is way more fun than any other vehicle cause we put so much effort and be excited to learning it:)

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    • Haha! It happens. I have such an experience too, but not with bicycle. Of course, none can match the excitement of boasting our cycling skills. Proud moment as a child!

      Thank you for dropping by, Madhuri!

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    • Haha! No worries!

      The day is just a reminder to acknowledge the longevity and versatility of bicycles, which is a sustainable mode of transportation.

      Of course, everyday is bicycle day! Good to know you’re making a difference. (:


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