Disparity in Downpour

Zara’s parents were forced to forfeit their house to a mortgagee within months of her birth, after facing huge loss in agriculture. This unprecedented confiscation earned her ‘the unlucky’ tag.

Even a slight drizzle was rare in that town. What could the new-born do to stop an unforeseen deluge?

As a child, all she prayed for was only rain, mild rain, to help her farming family. Little Zara was showered with the gift she prayed for, and a baby brother. Family flourished and so did Zara’s happiness. But, the label still remained. Now, it’s her brother who is ‘the lucky charm’.

With no choice left, Zara continued to pray for rain, to establish her long lost glory. Years passed without much significance. She chose a career in forestry so as to make contributions to Mother Nature, and shifted with her family to a new city. She was welcomed, with a downpour again.

She wasn’t sure if it’s her long time wish that came true, or a curse that she had been praying for all her life.

This time, it was not just a house, but hundreds of lives in the city. ‘Amphan’ laid its evil eyes and turned the city into a ghost-town.

The downpour which was once considered lucky with her brother always became unlucky with her. She wondered why it developed a disparity in her family.

Is downpour really (un)lucky?

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