Spider – Six Word Story #4

This is in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’.

The prompt for this week is ‘Spider’, and here is my take on it. I’ve interpreted spider as a web crawler.

——– SPIDER ——–

Python lets the Scrapy Spider crawl.

To non-coders, let me explain the terms used here.

Python is a general purpose programming language.

Web Crawler is a computer program which browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. It is also called a web robot or web spider, and this process is called web crawling or ‘spidering’.

Scrapy is an open-source web-crawling framework, written in Python.

Spider, in general, is a program that fetches web pages, and is used for crawling and indexing entries in search engines. With respect to Scrapy, Spider is a class (an extensible program code template) responsible for defining how to follow the links through a website and extract information from the pages.

Picture Courtesy: Google Images.

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